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Your family’s dental health is an important part of their overall wellness. The team at Rotterdam Dental Arts is dedicated to helping families bring out the best in their smile using gentle dental care techniques. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Selma Yucedal for family dental care in Schenectady, NY.

Preparation and Prevention

Our practice is committed to your family’s comfort. We help patients in receiving the dental care they need to maintain a bright and beautiful smile.

Prevention is a key component in dental care. The best defense against dental issues is avoiding them through proper dental care. Dr. Yucedal performs thorough examinations using state-of-the-art equipment; digital x-rays and intraoral cameras allow for a greater insight into a patient’s dental health. 

Our hygienist uses ultrasonic cleaning tools for improved efficiency and comfort during routine visits to our office. A DentalVibe® allows for nearly painless anesthetic application when requested.

Patients especially susceptible to early complications may receive preventive intervention in the form of sealants and fluoride treatments. Sealants protect smiles from harmful bacteria that may get caught in teeth with deep fissures. Fluoride is an essential component in a teeth’s development and vital to the smiles remineralization process.

Repairing Teeth and Restoring Smiles

Although our efforts are centered on prevention of dental issues, we plan for the unexpected. Dr. Yucedal and her team provide restorative care to repair several complications that could be detrimental to a patient’s health.

Damaged teeth are susceptible to decay and generally alter a person’s dental appearance. Our in-office CEREC® machine allows durable and beautiful crowns to be placed in one day.

Decay can spread throughout a tooth and into the jaw bone when unaddressed. Small cavities are easily resolved with fillings; but for decay that has entered the tooth’s inner pulp, procedures such as root canal therapy may be necessary to protect the remaining dental system.

Missing teeth are harmful to a smile’s function and appearance. When missing teeth, patients experience dental shifting, where the smile moves out of alignment. As a result, they may have difficulty chewing and speaking efficiently. Replacements such as bridges and dentures can help restore performance while preserving the esthetics of a patient’s smile. 

Staining, while primarily cosmetic, is considered unattractive by many. We offer teeth whitening and other cosmetic care treatments to improve esthetics and help those with yellow or off-white teeth reach their smile goals.

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Dr. Yucedal makes an effort to minimize the impact of dental procedures and maintain an atmosphere of comfort for families. Schedule a consultation with Rotterdam Dental Arts and meet with our Schenectady dentist that’s dedicated to your family’s health.