Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

Infected pulp is greatly detrimental to a patient’s oral health and can cause inflammation and pain. Root canal therapy is a necessary procedure to alleviate pain, eliminate decay, and help patients return to a full-functioning smile.

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Treatment of Tooth Pain in Schenectady

Root canal treatment is necessary to save a tooth.

Patients experiencing tooth pain may require the need for root canal therapy. Dr. Selma Yucedal gently administers root canal treatment gently with the patient’s comfort in mind. Our goal at Rotterdam Dental Arts is to get patients out of pain and encourage better oral health.

The sooner patients receive treatment for root canal therapy, the better their chances of saving the tooth and protecting surrounding dental structures from the spread of infection.

What to Expect

Root canal procedures conducted in our office involve isolating the affected tooth and ensuring the site is sanitary to the utmost highest standards. Patients can trust our treatments are thorough and completed right the first time around. Once the tooth has been prepared, Dr. Selma enters the tooth’s canals from the crown and cleans any bacteria and decayed pulp that causes inflammation and pain.

After clearing the area of bacteria, the tooth is treated with a special filling material that seals out potential pathogens that may cause reinfection. A crown is then placed atop the treated tooth to restore the outer structure as well as functionality back to the tooth. We utilize CEREC technology to craft same-day crowns for your convenience.

Patients have the option of receiving anesthetics or undergoing sedation as a proactive measure towards enhancing comfort during treatment.

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As part of our commitment to providing comprehensive care when patients need it most, we offer emergency dental care at the first available appointment during operating hours. Patients experiencing immediate and unbearable tooth-related pain can visit our practice for relief. 

Rotterdam Dental Arts is dedicated to helping patients receiving the care they need to alleviate discomfort and maintain a reliable, long-lasting smile. Call our practice and schedule an appointment with Dr. Selma Yucedal to explore your options for restoring your smile.

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